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About us

Carol Evans

     Carol's grooming career began around 1985 or so when she purchased her first Cocker Spaniel, and quickly realized what the term "high maintenance" meant.  Showing and raising Cockers was a hobby at the time, but fueled a life long passion.  Although she no longer owns, shows or raises Cockers, the grooming never ended.  Her first shop was called Carol's Cocker Castle, located in downtown Kingman.  Within a year or so of opening her first shop, she was offered a position at Kingman Animal Hospital, where she worked for the next five years.  In 1997 she became a "Certified Master Groomer".  

     In December of 1991, Carol Evans and Judy Rappisi joined forces and opened The Dog House.  The business has been a blessing ever since.  While a well groomed Cocker still retains a soft spot in her heart, there are many other breeds she enjoys grooming.  On a personal note, she has a mini farm with lots of animals to care for when she is not at work. her main passions in life are serving God, while being very active in her church, her family and her horses.

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Judy Rapissi

   Judy has worked with dogs for 26 years. Starting her journey at Kingman Animal Hospital, she embarked on  a new chapter with Carol Evans as a groomer for The Dog House.  She and Carol have now been in business together for over 22 years! 

    People often exclaim, "What a FUN job this must be!", and she feels it is truely a GREAT way to make a living!  Judy loves a challenge- Like taking a scared dog and making it feel as much "at home" and loved as possible.  She wants the pets to trust that she won't harm them. She enjoys what she does at The Dog House and will continue to do so until its time to say "Goodbye".  

Mary Kurtz

   Mary is originally from Portland Oregon where she graduated Olson's School of grooming in 1976, and in 1992 received national accreditation with the NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association of America)  as a Certified National Groomer.

  Her Specialties are poodles and Terriers but enjoys doing a variety of breeds, especially hand scissoring and fancy pattern cuts.

  She has been with The Dog House since 2010 and feels very blessed to be a part of such a talented and caring team, as well as all the wonderful people and dogs we meet everyday at The Dog House.

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Stefanie Vest

   Stefanie originally worked as a Veterinary Technician for Novak Animal Care Center in Lake Havasu City before moving to Kingman in 1998.

   In Kingman, she started working for Kingman Animal Hospital until 2002 when she began grooming for The Dog House.

   Stefanie enjoys working with animals on a daily basis and looks forward to many more years of grooming. 

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