And other services

Small Breed: $40 and up
Cats: $50 and up
Cockers: $50 and up
Large Breed: $50 and up


*Dual Wash and Condition

*Cleaning of Ears, Eyes and Glands

*Blow Dry & Brush

*Trim Nails

*Haircut and Style.

The COMPLETE package! 

Your four-legged friend will look and smell TERRIFFIC! 


Bathe & Brush

Small Breed: $25
Large Breed: $50


*Dual Wash and Condition

*Cleaning of Ears, Eyes and Glands 

*Blow Dry & Brush

*Trim Nails

We recommend this service for short- haired or "low maintenance" breeds.

Toes to Tail


Toes - $10- $15

Are your pet's nails getting a bit too long? 

We will trim your pet's toenails to a safe and manageable length, removing rough or sharp edges to keep nails SMOOTH!

Glands - $7

Having full glands is an uncomfortable experience for your pet!

If your pet is "scooting" or "dragging", it's time to bring them in and let us clean out their glands!

Dental Care - $7

We can brush your pet's teeth while they are being groomed to help keep them looking their best!

Healthy teeth and gums prevent against Gingivitis and cavities, as well as keep your pet's breath smelling clean and fresh!


*NOTE: This price is IN ADDITION to the standard Grooming fee.

Flea & Tick Treatment - $10

If your pet is constantly scratching or biting at itself, it may be a sign that they have fleas or ticks!

We offer a complete Flea & Tick Treatment option to purge these pesky parasites from your pet!


*NOTE: This price is IN ADDITION to the standard Grooming fee.

Special Requests

Need us to paint your pet's nails? No problem!

Does your pet rock a mohawk? We got that!

Need a special "lion" cut for Fluffy? Absolutely!


If you can dream it, there's a good chance we can do it!

Let us know of your special request when you call for an appointment.